Client Testimonials
"My name is Julian Fernandes and I'm a pilot in Dubai. I've known Dr. Punita for a few years now and have done various different countries aviation medicals with her. She is one of the most professional and caring doctors I have ever met. She is very accommodating and goes out of her way to fit you into her busy schedule when you're in a time crunch. She is very friendly and easily contactable from anywhere in the world. You can talk to her about anything and she is always willing to listen and offer advice. I look forward too many more years of working with her, and wish her every success in the world."
Capt Julian Fernandes
"I am Rikhit Nilekani and I have been visiting Dr. Masrani's Medical Centre for the last 10 years for the purpose of medical certification for my Pilot's Licence.
In all of these years I have come to the conclusion of the following points:
  • The services and procedures provided are very well laid out, easy to understand, and genuinely intelligent.
  • Service provided is accurate and prompt.
  • Dr. Masrani and her crew is thorough about the procedures conducted.
  • Testing facilities are present all in one place or as close as is practically possible.
  • Practiced work ethic is very professional and serious.
I have been and would keep on, recommending visiting Dr. Masrani if you seek prompt and precise medical opinion and/or certification."
Rikhit Nilekani
(Commercial Pilot)
"I am very much impressed with your Medical Facility. Your staff is very efficient and friendly. You got an excellent in house Laboratory and complete health check-up facility. It is 30 min drive from the International Airport. You got a great facility of appointment through email, skype, whatsapp and telephone call. Within an hour a candidate gets his official medical results and is free to fly. Very important you are approved by DGCA and by International Civil Aviation Authorities like JAA, FAA, GCAA, etc. which makes it easier for all Nationality Pilots and Cabin Crews.
I will certainly recommend your VM Medical Facility to my Pilot Colleagues and Cabin Crew. I wish everyone visits your Medical facility and gets a lifetime experience.
I wish you All The Best."
Capt. Neeraj K. Jamsandekar
"I was recommended by a friend to visit Dr. Punita for my class 1 medicals for The federal aviation authority, I was thankful enough I went to her since the process was completed in 1 day with my certificate in hand, after this because of Doctors clinical services, admin services, and reasonable charges, I returned back for my South African class 1 medicals which also took a few hours to complete and received my certificate the very same day. Doctor has also guided me for my DGCA class 1 medicals where without her knowledge and expertise in this field I would take immense time to complete my medicals.
I would highly recommend Doctor Punita Masrani's clinic for Pilot medicals for anyone going for their initial and renewals."
Joel Roy
(Managing Director, Sky Souk, Dubai South, UAE)
"I am writing to Congratulate you for the structure you have set up for Pilot Medical Renewals. It's such a blessing that we do not have to go to several different medical centres or hospitals for different medical tests. It was a pleasant surprise that your clinic has facilities to do almost all the tests we need to do for our renewal in one place. I also observed that you were very friendly but at the same time very professional about your job. We need that as most of us are stressed subconsciously when we come for our Medical's.
I would like to thank you and your team for this wonderful setup."
Capt Himanshu Acharya
(Air India)
"I was advised to meet Doctor Vipul following a long surgery period trailed by pain. I had no one to seek as I am not from India and I was very anxious. It was a benediction to meet him as he saved me. Some other doctors had taken advantage of my weakness and wanted to operate me; they invented stories and urgently wanted to take me to a clinic for an operation on the heart. Just to make money.
Dr. Vipul, an honest and extremely skillfull person was not convinced and stopped me from all this non sense, took me for a second opinion by arranging within 12 hours a meeting with one of the best cardiologists in Mumbai. He was right. I did not need any surgery. He then took me to his private clinic, offered me with his lovely expert wife Dr. Mrs. Punita, assistance and where extremely generous. As a foreigner living in India, they became my family. I only trust them. I will always be thankful to them. They are a blessing."
Taieb Joulak
(General Manager, W Goa)
"Health is Wealth"
This statement is possibly most appropriate for Pilots. Our very livelihood depends on our staying healthy.
Dr. Masrani conducts the regulatory Medical efficiently and professionally. Anyone who considers the Medical an ordeal will greatly benefit from interacting with her. She is committed to the good health and well-being of all professionals who go to V M Medical centre.
Capt Digvijay Singh
(Air India)
"For the past two years I have been doing my pilot medicals with Dr. Punita Masrani at V.M. Medical Centre and have recently completed my FAA, DGCA and GCAA renewal medicals. I was able to schedule my medicals sitting in UAE, and with the proper documents, I could finish all three of my medicals within 3 - 4 hours on a single day.
While remaining a thorough professional, Dr. Masrani conducts the pilot medical in a friendly and approachable manner, and is ready to clarify medical-related concerns that affect the pilot community. Her aim is to keep the pilot medical a quick and pleasant experience."
Capt. Thomas Zacharias
(Air Arabia)
"I heard about Dr. Punita's clinic in Mumbai from one of my friend from Qatar Airways. And my experience in her clinic was an absolute delight. I had no waiting period, my booked appointment time for my Qatari Class One Medical was met on time and I had plenty help from her reception to locate the clinic as it was my first visit.I found all the clinical staff very polite, friendly and efficient with a good level of Professionalism.
Dr. Punita herself is what I call a blessing to all Pilots in India. With her qualification and the level of achievement of having the list of foreign countries she has been authorized to do Medical examination for Pilots, certainly puts many pilots like me at ease and this helped me save valuable time and money. I look forward to doing my next Medical renewals with Dr. Punita.
I personally wish her all the Best for branching out and doing more for the growing aviation family."
Capt Roshya Sebi
(Qatar Airways)
I came to Mumbai absolutely sick on 10 Oct and immediately went to Lilavati hospital from the airport hoping to feel better before i joined work. But inspite of being examined by the best doctors did not find relief. One of my friends suggested to show it to the house doctor at St Regis where i was staying. I met Dr Vipul Masrani there and immediately felt comfortable with him. He diagnosed correctly and gave me medicines after having which I immediately felt relief. Before leaving for Delhi I again spoke to him and he assured me that all is well. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like a correct diagnosis and good treatment.
Shahina Saeed
(Guest at St. Regis Mumbai)
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