Client Testimonials
"To have a vision statement is one thing to live by it every single day “ To be the best provider of medical examinations for aviation…..” is to the credit of Dr. Punita Masrani and the entire team at V.M. Medical Centre. I fly for passion not for profit, that passion for attaining perfection is the essence at V.M.Medical. As I celebrate fifty years at the controls nearing age seventy , I know Dr Punita Masrani’s keen clinical skills will not miss a thing; my safety and the safety of others users in our skies are in very reliable and capable hands."
Capt Feroze Noshir Masani
File No 1-0152/1973-L-II
"Reading the testimonials of my fellow colleagues was indeed a humbling experience. It reaffirmed the obvious, that Dr Punita Masrani is one of the best doctors and aviation medical examiners in the country and I am very fortunate to be under her care and supervision for more than a decade. She emphasizes a holistic approach to health based on physical, mental and spiritual balance which l found very helpful over the years. Her professional and at the same time kind and gentle personality in spite of her busy schedule, always has time for your concerns.
Entering V M Medical Centre is an experience in a serene and calm environment. The reception staff is very prompt and helpful with all DGCA issues. I wish V M Medical Centre best for a long and prosperous future."
Capt Sumit Subnis
"I have been associated with Dr Punita Masrani for a period of almost 7 years. She has not only been my doctor or my examiner but a great mentor. Her knowledge and experience define her dedication towards her career. She is an inspiring personality. I am honoured to have her as my doctor".
Nidhi Ahuja
CPL holder
"For all pilots our periodic medical examinations can be a matter of dread; even though we realise it is a blessing in disguise. Dr Punita made the entire experience stress free and convenient. The emphasis was on health not on minimum requirements to clear the medical. Any questions were comprehensively answered and much useful information was obtained. The new clinic is state of the art with a very pleasant ambience".
Capt Digvijay Singh
Jt GM Training,
Office of Director Operations
(Air India)
"I have been undergoing my GCAA UAE as well as DGCA India medical renewal with Dr.Punita Masrani since March 2016 onwards.She is authorised to do medical for FAA, EASA, QCAA, GCAA, DGCA India and many others. As far as aviation medicine is concerned she has undergone many courses and still attends various seminars in different countries around the world and keeps herself updated. When you go to her clinic you can find her laboratory is fully equipped to do the required tests under one roof without going to any other place.
Since I am undergoing my medical examinations for more than three decades, I can feel the difference in her clinic and the other medical centres. I wish her all the success in her aviation medical career."
Capt Edward Lobo
(Air Arabia)
"Dr Punita is extremely professional and knowledgeable.
She makes you feel very comfortable when you go to visit her. Does a thorough diagnosis and prescribes the best medication and treatment to take. She is very warm, friendly and courteous at all times. Always willing to go the extra mile and help in whichever way she can. An absolute asset to the panel of aviation doctor’s".
Parizad Charna
Senior International Cabin Crew
(British Airways)
"Dr Punita is a fine Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Makes the “examinee” feel at ease yet conducts all checks meticulously. A very forward looking person and she supported by a very good team. It's a pleasure undergoing my annual medicals with her. Not to miss Dr Punita is the only person I know in India who is authorised by multiple aviation boards/ regulators to conduct flight crew & cabin crew medicals, which in itself is a testimony of her knowledge & hardwork. Wishing Dr Punita and her team the very best".
Capt Dhruv Rebbapragada
Regional Safety Director-South Asia,
Airbus & Ex Safety Manager (IndiGo)
"Dr Punita Masrani, One of the few and the best Aviation Medicine specialist in country. Always ready to help and hear you to your limits and then dig in to the root cause of the condition to find the best solution towards the fitness. She is not only recognised by Indian Aviation regulator DGCA but almost all the foreign Aviation Giant Countries like US, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, UAE, SOUTH AFRICA and you can go on. Very well connected, knowledgeable, updated, polite and most importantly a doctor who is there to understand your problem and ready to help you get fit to flying with best of the possible ways.
My best regards always".
Capt Swapnil Baheti
Blue Dart Aviation Ltd.
"Dr. Punita is not only one of the most affordable doctors around, she is efficient, professional, and friendly. Her clinic is nice and clean. Her staff is extremely friendly and helpful and I have never had to wait more than a normal wait time for a walk in office.
My FAA medical was done very nicely. Just come with the documents you are supposed to come with and it will be a breeze. 10 stars if I had the option".
Capt Arjun Crasto
CPL Holder
I came to Mumbai absolutely sick on 10 Oct and immediately went to Lilavati hospital from the airport hoping to feel better before i joined work. But inspite of being examined by the best doctors did not find relief. One of my friends suggested to show it to the house doctor at St Regis where i was staying. I met Dr Vipul Masrani there and immediately felt comfortable with him. He diagnosed correctly and gave me medicines after having which I immediately felt relief. Before leaving for Delhi I again spoke to him and he assured me that all is well. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like a correct diagnosis and good treatment.
Shahina Saeed
(Guest at St. Regis Mumbai)
"As an energy healer during my first encounter with Dr. Punita Masrani in person, I sensed positive, kind energy vibrations and aura. Her medical center too has very positive vibes and energy. Her professional expertise and amazing knowledge and clarity in thought is a rare combination of professional and spiritual touch. She is abundantly blessed with Divine Grace.
God bless much love".
Vimala Devi
Mother of CPL holders
"Dr. Punita Masrani is very approachable and professional medical examiner. The DGCA medical examination conducted here is done really well without any hassle. The staff too is also very good and professional in their work".
Capt. Philip K
CPL Holder
" Dr Masrani's clinic is a beautiful ergonomically designed facility which relaxes you and makes you forget your discomfort .
With a team of professional and polite staff at the reception to receive you , the sound of a calming waterfall to sooth the nerves .. this really is a breath of fresh air from the regular clinics which we may have visited when Ill
Dr Masrani herself is a joy to meet, hearing about your discomforts and healing you with a smile, and always leaves you with a positive note and tip for general well-being and good living".
Xereus Zend
Senior International Cabin Crew
(British Airways)
"I was advised to meet Doctor Vipul following a long surgery period trailed by pain. I had no one to seek as I am not from India and I was very anxious. It was a benediction to meet him as he saved me. Some other doctors had taken advantage of my weakness and wanted to operate me; they invented stories and urgently wanted to take me to a clinic for an operation on the heart. Just to make money. Dr. Vipul, an honest and extremely skillfull person was not convinced and stopped me from all this non sense, took me for a second opinion by arranging within 12 hours a meeting with one of the best cardiologists in Mumbai. He was right. I did not need any surgery. He then took me to his private clinic, offered me with his lovely expert wife Dr. Mrs. Punita, assistance and where extremely generous. As a foreigner living in India, they became my family. I only trust them. I will always be thankful to them. They are a blessing."
Taieb Joulak
(General Manager, W Goa)
"Dr. Masrani we are very blessed to have you as our doctor. Your genuine concern, dedication and compassion is unparalleled. We are so very thankful for your care and support to my daughters for their Class 1 and 2 medicals."
Cheryl Desai
Mother of aspiring pilots
"Dr Punita has been dealing with our crew for a few years now.
I have known her to be always efficient, timely, a thorough professional and more importantly, pleasant in her dealings.
The new clinic enhances well being and receives a lot of positive feedback".
Giselle Hoogewerf
International Cabin Crew Base Administrator
(British Airways)
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