Online Medical Consultation
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What is it
The delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services including medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care via telecommunications and digital communication technologies.
Video (Skype/ Facetime/ Zoom/ Whatsapp)
Audio (Phone/ Whatsapp)
Text (general text or chat platforms)
First consult, Follow up (for the same problem within 6 months)
Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained as in-person consult.
What to expect
Health education as appropriate
Counselling related to specific condition
Prescribing medications (as permitted by Indian Medical Council)
All records of interactions and prescriptions will be maintained as per usual Indian Medical Council requirements.
Typically, a telehealth consultation is charged the same way as in-person consultation.
Flow Chart For Telehealth Assessment At V M Medical Center
Patient requests an appointment (Video/ Audio/ Text)
Doctor confirms appointment
Connect at time of appointment
Patient identification (photo id, phone number and email)
Consent implied
Doctor will quickly assess if emergency care or in-person consult is needed
Yes No
Advice first aid / immediate measures Guide patient for referral
Detailed evaluation of problem (Explicit consent, History, investigation reports, past records Doctor may switch mode of communication if required)
Is the case appropriate for management via telehealth
Yes No
Health education and referral for in-person consultation
Counselling Specific
More reports
Follow up email from doctor to registered email id with instructions and summary
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Google Pay on +91 99201 63330
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