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With Immediate effect the Class I medical examinations for the following cases shall be only at AFCME, New Delhi/ IAM IAF Bangalore / MEC(E), Jorhat :
- Cases of special medical (after disease/ physical condition)
- Cases of review after a period of Temporary Unfitness for assessment of fitness are conducted at IAM/ AFCME/ MEC(E).
- Appeal cases of Class I/ II Medical examinations at IAM/ AFCME.
- Medicals at age 25,30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and all medicals between 60-65 at IAM/ AFCME.
- Re-initial Medical. Class I medical where a renewal has not been done for more than 2 years.
- Any medical which is specifically advised to be done at these centres as per AIC/ Medical Assessment
Note : Conduct of every fourth medical in aircrew less than 40 yrs of age and every seventh medical after age of 40 yrs of age has been deleted.
As per Directorate of Training and Licensing, DGCA circular No. DTL/Misc-2012-LII letter 20 Jul 16, copy of Rule 39C (amended) & Gazette notification of India dated 04 May 16 - The validity of Class I medical fitness assessment has been increased from six months to twelve months for aircrew of age 40 – 60 yrs in case of multi-crew commercial air transport operations. The validity of Class I Medical for aircrew of age 40-60 yrs in case of single crew commercial air transport operations remains six months.
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