International Travel Medicine

Dr. Vipul Masrani

A graduate of the MGM Medical College, University of Mumbai, he earned the Associate Fellowship in Industrial Health from the Central Labour Institute, Mumbai and the Diploma in Travel Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow, UK.
Dr. Vipul serves as:
Network provider for MediAssist, EuropAssistance and the International Society of Travel Medicine.
Medical consultant to the hospitality industry and multinational banks.
Directorate General of Shipping empanelled medical examiner and his expertise is in providing radiotelephonic advice to seafarers during illness and emergency.
Dr. Vipul Masrani practices as a family physician for 20 years and with his competence, skills and diligence, he has tremendous good will among his patients and their families.
His special interests are Immigrant's health.
Professional Associations:
Associateship, Faculty of Travel Medicine, RCPS (Glasgow)
Member, International Society of Travel Medicine

Travel Immunizations Health Clinic

International travel has to be planned well in advance. When you have plans to embark on an international trip, there are certain important factors that have to be carefully considered. Getting yourself properly immunized and vaccinated prior to the overseas trip is essential. VM Medical Centre has a team of qualified international travel medicine professionals who will guide you at every step regarding which vaccinations are necessary based on the destination and the time period of the travel. The different vaccinations for travel will also depend on the intended duration of your overseas stay and whether you have already received the requisite vaccination against some specific diseases.

VM Medical Centre is a one-stop travel medicine clinic run by well-experienced travel medicine physicians and practitioners who will advise you on when to start the required vaccinations based on the date of travel. Ideally, immunizations have to begin about six weeks prior to the departure date. This allows the inoculations to be highly effective once you have landed in a new country. As a holistic travel health clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of travel medicine and vaccination services including vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B, Rabies, Typhoid and Influenza, among several other diseases.

We provide:


– pre-travel, during travel and post travel vaccines and chemoprophylaxis. Vaccinations given – Rabies, Influenza, Typhoid, MMR, Pneumococcal, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, Japanese Encephalitis etc.


– for remote travellers, back packers, gap year travellers, travelling with infants and during pregnancy, cruise ships, high altitude expeditions
Hospitalisation and Specialist referrals when needed

Medical Tourism

- we assist patients and their families to avail the best medical, surgical and dental treatments in Mumbai, right from the time of planning the travel and treatment to return home.
Fitness assessment and recommendations to travellers and patients for domestic / overseas travel
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